stylized wording: victim, shooter, system, poverty, repeat
stylized wording: victim, shooter, system, poverty, repeat

Several years ago, on a summer workday, I got a call from the father of a student. He had recently gotten custody of his son, who I will call Deon, after Deon’s mother died from a bout with a particularly fast-acting cancer.

He was asking if I could write a statement of character about Deon, who was soon to stand trial for shooting at a classmate of his.

I asked for more information, and learned that there was a pretty strong case. Dad had been at work, and insisted his son would never take the car without his permission, but…

Recently I worked for a temporary agency contracted with a national bank based in Cincinnati. They processed documents for a specific department within the United States government. It’s detailed work, with precision required in recording names, addresses, and ID numbers.

Needless to say, there were lots of rules and bureaucracy at every level of the organization. Every employee had to pass a fingerprint and background check annually. There were strict limitations on when, how, and where we could work with the records we processed. Also, we had to master the details of processes we are forbidden by law from sharing.

I am not scintillated by the details of tax policy, so when I first heard the term owner compensation replacement, I paused just to think about what that might mean.

In general I am unlikely to engage in a lengthy debate about the nuances of tax rates, or shelters for certain funds, and despite some effort on my part I still can’t fully explain how an NFT works or even what it IS, except I will engage with the word “fungible.” I’m far more interested in helping people learn from my mistakes.

However, when the first round of PPP loans…

Whether you are struggling to manage your daily life, a small business, a mid-size nonprofit, or a large corporation, you need to establish rules and expectations for how things will work. Chances are, you’ve already got an idea for how things will go, even if you have not written down a detailed 5 year plan.

However, not everything will happen according to a specific road map or recipe. There are too many variables. Life is unpredictable. Some might call it messy.

In his book Yes to the Mess, Frank J. Barrett argues that this unpredictability is not a problem. Uncertainty…

I sometimes get deep into my thoughts and feelings and start thinking the cards are stacked against me or I'm unlucky or whatever ... but then I sit on my porch and watch those "stupid birds" simply refuse to give up.

This morning my wife sent me a picture of one of the baby birds on the chair, getting ready to fly.


The doves on my porch overcome stupidity with hard work. So can we.

Every spring, in a much anticipated migration, the birds return. A frenzy erupts among the inhabitants, and a dispute. Are they beautiful? Are they a nuisance? Residents point and debate. People gather to take pictures and share them with the world.

No, these are not swallows to Capistrano, but mourning doves to my porch. And the “people” are just me and my wife.

The debate is simple: Are the mourning doves a nuisance, or an inspiration? Well, the lines are clearly divided. There is some substantial evidence for the nuisance side.

Twigs and straw intended for the nest.

It starts with their efforts to build a nest…


On this weekend of the third anniversary of the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Students for Gun Legislation shares our interview with Fred Guttenberg.

Fred’s children were students there, and were present that tragic day. Fred’s son Jesse survived the shooting. His daughter Jaime did not.

On that day, Fred was pressed into activism for sensible gun legislation. Since then, he has advocated tirelessly for reasonable restrictions on guns and ammunition. …

Understanding Advertising

Dr. Anglerfish or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the ad.

Ruthless, cunning, deadly. In the darkness it waves its lure, hoping to draw its next meal.


It seeks to devour every available dollar. And while it does not deliver death, advertising can feel ruthless and invasive, inserting itself where we least expect it. And it is relentlessly hungry and on the prowl.

A ghost-like female anglerfish, with two males attached. Photo by Neil Bromhall.

I long considered advertisement to be no less predatory than an angler fish.

The angler fish, for those who don’t know, is an especially cunning and conniving predator. Over time it has developed a long modified dorsal fin that serves as its own fishing rod, which it…

They wanted to make it the focus of an SEO strategy

My client had invented a term and they wanted to make it the focus of their SEO strategy.

The inventive folks at (now developed a physical greeting card with a creative twist. When you scan the barcode on the card, your cell phone accesses a personal video message from the sender. With their card you can close the distance from a loved one and deliver a more nuanced and personal message. One part physical card, one part digital message.

To emphasize this, coined the word “phygital.”

It is a clever term. A portmanteau, jamming the words physical…

An introduction by the Neighborhoods United Co-chair

[These are the remarks I delivered at the press conference to explain the process that resulted in the Neighborhoods United plan on August 21, 2020.]

My name is Jack Jose. I am an educator, and author. I am the co-chair of Christ Church Cathedral’s Gun Violence Prevention Working Group, and the President of the Board of Ohio Students for Gun Legislation. I am the Co-chair of Neighborhoods United.

But I’m really just some guy.

About a year and a half ago, my friend Brian Garry gathered a group of concerned citizens in the meeting room of the Linn Street YMCA…

Jack Jose

Freelance writer/editor | Published educator: Angels and Superheroes | Prevent gun violence | Top Rated 100% Upwork | | he/his

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