Understanding Advertising

Advertising is not Murder

Dr. Anglerfish or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the ad.

Ruthless, cunning, deadly. In the darkness it waves its lure, hoping to draw its next meal.

A ghost-like female anglerfish, with two males attached. Photo by Neil Bromhall.

How is advertising different?

The stealth. The lure. The sudden lunge. Enough about advertising, you say.

Advertising is not evil

I was raised by television.

Advertising is your friend, not your predator

In the end, however, the greatest desire of an advertiser is NOT to devour you.

Many television shows are formulaic and predictable. Commercials, though, can really surprise you.

Their goal is to ONLY show you ads that are useful to you. Yes, they have a LOT of ways to gather information about you. This WIRED article demonstrates the many invisible data points that are being tracked (and how to prevent this as much as possible.)

Don’t hate the player, hate the game

So the next time you scroll through your feed and see an ad for something you just searched for on Google, remember this.

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